The United Eastern Group draws strength from its diversity. Through its different disciplines flows a single common direction and purpose: add value in everything it does.

UEG management and employees share 'One Vision' of excellence in all its dealings. This means that across the board we pursue highest standards of services, standards that made us a trustworthy business partner. Our activities cover a broad spectrum, from Oil and Gas to Hospitality fields.

Synergies between different business units encourage creative and innovative solutions for our customers' challenges. Our culture of quality nurtured over the years is vigorously upheld.

We believe that excellence in quality, service, human resources and performance are the reasons for our success and the key for future growth.


Inline with its drive to promote quality and ensure customer satisfaction, united eastern management and employees are fully committed to provide products and services that conform to contractual and regulatory requirements.

United eastern management will always foster and sponsor a continuous quality improvement environment and commitment towards sustaining high level of team spirit among its employees.

This policy is implemented through the group’s ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, which covers all operations of the group and applies to all group’s personnel.



United Eastern Group Profile:                                     

Since 1976, the United Eastern Group has steadily evolved as one of the leading diversified group of companies in the United Arab Emirates. UEG has pioneered introduction of many goods and services, and transfer of technology to the region.

Meanwhile UEG has given numerous leading global companies a competitive edge to build a strong business base in the Middle East. UEG a corporate environment marked by team work has built up an enviable reputation for its excellence & expertise.

UEG has proven track record in oil and gas, contracting, engineering, manufacturing and general trading. We believe that quality is the only guarantee for continuos success, not just for the benefit of UEG, but for all our customers and clients.


United Eastern Group is always on the lookout for opportunities to export the expertise and experience perfected in the UAE to many parts of the world. The multinational nature of the oil and gas, infrastructure, telecommunications, trading and construction industries has encouraged UEG to expand abroad.

UEG is actively bidding on and winning projects in different countries such as Algeria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Qatar.

The group sees great opportunities in furthering its relationships with other countries of the region where current and upcoming projects are ideal for a diversified company of its reputation for excellence.


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