Gulf Contractors L.L.C (GCC)

GCC was established in 1988 and is now one of the leading General Contracting Companies in UAE.

Complementing the solid business background, vast local construction knowledge and rich foreign experience is giving Gulf Contractors deep and diversified roots, with the resources and ability to undertake large construction projects.

The partners of GCC wanted to further the Company’s expansion and development in the Emirate and other UAE Federations, in response to the call for the private sector to contribute to the infrastructure of the country. Consequently GCC is to-date recognized as a competitive, dedicated and responsible contractor.

Furthermore, in line with the policies recommended by the highest authorities and senior management, GCC has implemented a Quality Assurance program based on the ISO 9001–2000 standards, which resulted in certification in mid 2001. Our Quality Management System is applicable to: “Provision of Civil, Electromechanical, and sewerage contracting services”.”

GCC is active in the following construction activities:

  1. Civil Engineering;
  2. Buildings Construction;
  3. Pipelines (water, storm water, irrigation, sewerage, drainage);
  4. Industrial Construction;
  5. Marine Construction;
  6. Electrical Installations;
  7. Mechanical Installations;
  8. Instrumentation Installations.

Major clients include the Oil Companies – NPCC, GASCO and ZADCO, Department of Social Services & Commercial Buildings, Department of Military Works, Public Works Department, Abu Dhabi Municipality, and other governmental and private clients. 

For project details and other information, please visit Website:

Address:       P.O. Box 45363, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Tel:  +971 2 6267510; Fax: + 9712 6272049

Union Pipe Industries LLC (UPI)

“UPI” an ISO certified, 100% national company established in 1999, to cater to the needs of the local and Middle East Regional market for high quality polyethylene (PE) pipes.  PE pipes are now used widely for potable water, sewage, irrigation, oil, gas and other special piping applications.

UPI manufactures full range of rugged and durable PE pipes from 10 mm to 1200mm OD and aims to expand the range to 1600mm in the near future.  UPI also manufactures a comprehensive range of HDPE fittings from reducers to complex tees and bends.  UPI pipes are approved by various government departments and local authorities for use in water and sanitation.  UPI also has approval from oil industry customers for use in relining.  UPI has a team of trained welders equipped with the latest advanced field welding equipment and experienced engineering staff to support client requirements.

Address:   P.O. Box 9650, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Tel.: +9712 5500102; Fax: +9712 5500105

Gulf Tunneling Co. LLC (GTC)

GTC is one of the fastest growing companies in Non-Destructive Tunnel construction and related fields.  GTC had to broaden its equipment and highly skilled human resources base to accommodate its ever growing projects.  GTC now holds a wide range of specialized heavy equipments and machineries in addition to the Micro-Tunneling Technology Equipments and Machineries imported from Germany.

GTC is managing complex nature sewer tunneling projects (currently managing over 37 kms of tunneling works in four projects) with its broad knowledge base and references of regional ground conditions and ways to deal with it. 

In order to manage the ground and the high water table in the region, GTC owns full range of dewatering equipment, supporting tools and accessories to support more than 10 kms. of ground services.  GTC has also established a pre-cast yard with high quality standards for concrete encased G.R.P. pipes for tunneling operations and precasted shafts for manholes construction.

The above capabilities enables GTC to be an undisputed experts in pit/shaft construction using sheet piles, caisson rings or secant piles for tunneling purposes of all types and sizes. 

Address:       P.O. Box 73622, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
                       Tel.: +9712 5513067; Fax: +9712 5513066

Baniyas Concrete Products LLC (BCP)

BCP, an ISO-9002 certified, 100% national company, was established in 1996 to cater to the needs of the local and Gulf region market for high quality Reinforced Concrete Pipe products and jacking pipes which are used in storm water, sewerage and micro tunneling projects.

BCP RC and jacking pipes are produced using technologically advanced high quality machinery and equipment imported from Germany, internationally reputed as the supplier of high quality machinery.  BCP manufactures full range of reinforced concrete and jacking pipes from diameter 600mm to 2400mm, with a maximum length of 3 meters.

Address:       P.O. Box 9650, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
                       Tel.: +9712 5500102; Fax: +9712 5500105

Prime Emirates

As a regulated Investment bank in the region, Prime’s ranges of services are:
-           Investment banking.
-           Asset management.
-           Securities brokerage.
-           Investment Research.

Address: P.O. Box 60355, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
                 Tel.: +9712 6910800; Fax: +9712 6670907
                 For more information visit:

Gulf Ready Mix

Gulf Ready Mix is a well known company in the field of Ready Mix Concrete Industry, established in 1998 at Mussafah Industrial Area, with the most high quality principles, and the latest production technology, supported by international standards.

Address: P.O. Box 168, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
               Tel: +9712 5511117 – 5510550; Fax: +9712 5511085

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