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As an agriculture based country agri-sector contributes approximately 15% of Egypt’s GDP and absorbs about 30% of the workforce. Half the population lives in rural areas where directly or indirectly their livelihood depends upon agricultural sector. Despite its positive and significant contributions to food security/supply, economy, employment, export earnings, ecological balance, yet the agriculture of the country faces many threats and challenges which, in turn, impacts rural development initiatives. The prominent challenges include:-
•    Quality of arable land and water issues
•     Old cultivation techniques
•     Quality of input and timely input/ output
•     Crop yield
•     Crop losses
•     Role of middle man & finance, and
•     Lack of agricultural and rural development policies beside many other factor which are directly or indirectly impacting this sector. 
UEG in Egypt is working on a business plan to facilitate farmers maximize their productivity and profitability while also realizing other objectives such as bringing international technology to maximize yields, conserving water resources, setting up a supply chain to reduce wastage of fresh produce and finding new export markets for them. The company is focusing on in-house and 3rd party farming to improve lively hood of farmers with the help of greenhouse farming, water management techniques, quality inputs, advanced farm machinery and farmer’s support initiatives.

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