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UETMT- UETMC is one of the leading & distinguish Training & Consultancy Company, offering a range of Consultancy Services in Leadership Development, Technical & Non-Technical Training and Consultancy services to the Government institutions as well as in Oil & Gas and Energy Sectors.


Our expertise in Human Capital Management, Competency Management and Leadership frameworks, gave us the lead in the market developing fully automated competency systems for many years.


We have assembled a team of Subject Matter Experts that draws on the best of our expertise in the field of Human Capital & Talent Management, who have the industry and technical skills to deliver the required scope for each engagement.


In meeting the Industry demands and expectations, UETMT-UETMC has a wide range of capabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Human Capital and Talent Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Competency and Capability Assurance

  • Competency Development, Management Development and Implementation

  • Workforce Assessment

  • Learning Solutions

  • Management Training Services

To realize and deliver an optimal Leadership Competency Assurance and Human Capital & Talent Management capabilities, we partnered with market leading cloud base online solution.


 UETMT- UETMC works with International bodies that provide access to global standards and certification. This ensures that our products and processes match global requirements and add a level of assurance to our clients, whilst enabling them to adopt standards that provide real business benefit to them and their employees.

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